About Dr.Bannard, DC

Dr. Daniel Bannard, DC has over 25 years experience in Holistic Wellness care and achieved the distinguish title of “Fellow of the international academy of medical acupuncture”.

He is a national lecturer for The Wellness Foundation of Professionals, as well as an author. Dr. Bannard is also a 7th degree black belt instructor teaching for over 36 years.

Dr. Bannard has been helping thousands of patients obtain health for over 20 years. In his New York practice, he saw patients that suffered from a variety of illnesses that he successfully treated through chiropractic.

He relocated to Cary, North Carolina in 1995 and continues to help families reach optimal health at affordable costs.

Bannard Family Chiropratic is dedicated to “Service with a smile” and a holistic approach to your family’s health and well-being.